Artist Statement

I make paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, children’s books as well as stop motion videos. When I moved to NYC, I was surprised at people throwing away so many useful things. Then, I started to use recycled materials such as cardboard, old clothing, and milk cartons. My art process includes cutting, tearing, and assembling sheets of cardboard materials using scissors and cutters. Then, I curl and glue sections of cardboard. By using my imagination, I turn those materials into a world full of dream and fantasy.

Imagination is the most important thing in my work. When I was a child, I got through some difficulties, such as family issues. Since childhood, I have created characters from my imaginary world, which has brought happiness and peace in my mind. One of my art work is an octopus riding a bicycle in the sky. In the real world, octopuses can not either ride a bicycle or fly in the sky. However, my art makes it possible, which is so much fun to me. My imagination provides another world which could be different from the reality.

I would like to share happy feelings with people. At my exhibition, people can touch some of my art work because I enjoy seeing how my imagination transmits to others through my work.

Eri Honda