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 I made a new picture book which is composed of 24 pages!

 People who lost their family in terrorist attacks last Sept. 11, 2001 are visiting Japan right now.

They do this because they symphathy about the people who suffered the same heart breaking earthguake and tsunami disaster in this place.

Concerned Americans hope that the Japanese people could urpass the situation just like them, and they offer a crane monument to Fukushima for fast recovery.

 This monument is made of the actual debris from the terrorist attack to the World Trade Center!

And they also offer my children book with this crane monument. 





Before making this children book,I had researched a lot about this disaster.

Watching youtube video,Visting Tribute Center,Ground Zero,Reading 9,11 photo books were my researched tools.

Of course I knew this news but that was only surface.

More researched more depressed and I easily got a lot of inspration.

As an illustarator, this work was really meaningful. 

While I am making those artwork,I had many opportunities to think about 

people's life.

Looking back upon my past,and and my life's purpose.

We never knew when we will suddenly die.

Fortunetly,I am still alive and living this city.

I really want to continue such illustration work.

If somebody  thought of my artwork, then I could encourage somebody. 

That is very happy.

I want to be such artist someday!






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